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Banana Muffins

Banana Muffins
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Game Description

For breakfast or for a snack, everyone loves banana muffins. Prepare to make these sweets as Sara walks you through all the steps from beginning to end. Sara invites you into her kitchen to share her famous recipe. Sara’s cooking class will help you create delicious muffins from preparation to serving. Sara provides complete directions to get you baking these muffins with banana flavor. All the ingredients can be found in the cupboards and the cook provides all the utensils and appliances. This easy to play game is tons of fun and also educational. You will be baking muffins to golden goodness in no time at all. The directions are easy to follow and bonus points are given to those who complete this Sara cooking game early. Before long, she will have you effortlessly baking these muffins. So let’ take a tour of her kitchen and put those baking skills to good use.




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