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Barbecue Chicken Sandwich

Barbecue Chicken Sandwich
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Indoors or outdoors, it’s hard to perfect good barbecue. Today Sara is offering to put an end to your previous nightmares by giving you the perfect recipe to make a barbecue chicken sandwich. Sara is giving another one of her great cooking classes and she wants you to attend! The cook is giving all of her students full use of her kitchen once more. She will provide all the ingredients as well as all of the utensils to make this delicious chicken between two slices of bread. Sara will take you step-by-step and provide all the directions needed to make an absolutely perfect snack. This easy to play Sara cooking game will teach you all the skills needed; she will show you where to find utensils and how to use the appliances. Once you have prepared this tangy barbecue chicken sandwich, take the exam to see what you have learned. Bonus points will be provided for high scores. Full recipe is also provided.




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