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Black Forrest Cake

Black Forrest Cake
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Game Description

Never before has it been so easy to learn how to make Black Forrest Cake. Sara is teaching a baking workshop that will show you how to make this sweet dessert food. She will present you with all the needed baking skills to create this cake from start to finish. This Sarah cooking game will fully illustrate which ingredient is needed and in which order you have to use them. You will also be taught how to mix the parts of the whole, preheat the oven, and serve this product of flour, sugar, eggs and other tasty ingredients. You will be provided with easy to follow step-by-step instructions to learn the proper amounts and how to assemble the baked Black Forrest Cake. Anyone can learn to make this mouthwatering chocolate lover’s dessert. Gain access to Sara’s kitchen and make use of all utensils provided. There is no longer any need to struggle with baking skills; the shows each of her students the proper way to make cake. Bonus points will be given if this Sara cooking class is completed early.




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  1. emmi says:

    I played this game when I was younger and I’m 13 and I still enjoy it.

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