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Chicken Pot Pie Cooking

Chicken Pot Pie Cooking
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Everyone loves chicken pot pie and Sara is no exception. Sara invites serious chefs into her kitchen to teach them the correct preparation process from beginning to end. Full instructions for Chicken Pot Pie Cooking are provided; they are very easy to follow. Before long in this Sara cooking game and you will be well on your way to tempting pot pie baking in your oven. The recipe for this pie is provided for later use. Your mouse will help you slice the onions, chop the celery, peel the carrots, and place them in a bowl as you create the filling. Sara provides all of the needed dishes, utensils, and ingredients to piece together this fantastic dish. There is no rush, but a timer is visible as bonus points are given to those who finish Sara’s cooking class early. If you ever wanted to learn to make chicken pot pie, this is your lucky day. She deserves a round of applause for her helpful and entertaining cooking class.




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