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Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup
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Game Description

Perfect for cold days or rainy weather, chicken soup make the hearts grow fond. Of course it’s perfect for any day and Sara is back to help you learn to make soup like you remember eating as a child. Full instructions are provided as your stomach grows warm from the smells simmering from Sara’s kitchen. Slice carrots, dice celery, peel onions and chop parsley to add to your dish with step by step directions that teach you how to cut them properly. When finished, add your ingredients to a pot to cook the vegetables perfect for this chicken soup. Bonus points will be given for those who complete this Sara cooking game in record time. She has outdone herself once more as she opens up her kitchen so we can make use of her utensils and appliances. Sara’s cooking class will help each chef in her class add ingredients of flour and broth to the perfectly cooked veggies for a soup you won’t soon forget.




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