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Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake
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A creamy dessert you and your whole family will die for. This chocolate mousse cake is created with a variety of different cookies for a dessert you won’t soon forget. The cook has cleaned off her counter and stocked her fridge and cupboard with everything needed to make this heavenly dessert. Sara welcomes all students ready for another one of her great cooking courses. Sara’s cooking class is teaching us to make this cake with full illustrations for every step needed to complete this specialty. The full Chocolate Mousse Cake recipe is given inside the game and bonus points will be given to those who complete this Sara cooking game early. Use your mouse to locate and move the correct elements and proper appliance for each step; help is given through the entire course. She will teach you how to mix, chop, blend, and layer all components until completion of the game in which tools and ingredients are easy to find.




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