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Christmas Doughnut Cookies

Christmas Doughnut Cookies
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Game Description

Ever wanted to become master baker? The famous cook makes baking a snap with another great Sara’s cooking class. She is sharing her best baking secrets to help you make these Christmas doughnut cookies. This Sara cooking game will provide easy to follow instructions to help you choose the correct ingredients in the right order. Each step is fully illustrated with hints at the top of the game to show you what is needed first. Prepare the dough with sugar, vanilla, eggs, butter, baking soda, salt, and milk. Then use your whisk to mix for baking. All the needed elements are ready and waiting to be used to finish this creation. Once the dough has been properly kneaded, pop it in the fridge. This multi-level game will help you roll and cut these doughnut cookies before putting them in the oven. The complete Christmas Doughnut Cookies recipe is provided for later use. Surprise your family and friends with this great dessert offering.




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