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Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake
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Game Description

Glad you could take the time to join Sara’s cooking class for Fruit Cake. They are delicious and also fun to make. Sara has stocked her kitchen and cleaned her counters to offer another fun cooking workshop. Use your mouse to locate and retrieve ingredients. The cook will help you combine cherries, raisins, candied fruits, and mixed nuts to create a colorful fruit mixture. Then blend flour, salt, baking powder, cinnamon powder, and allspice for the batter. She will teach you which elements to add and provide full illustrations along the way. This easy to follow Sara cooking game will have you baking your won fruit cake in no time at all. The full recipe for this dessert is also provided within the game. Once the components have each been added, pop your cake into the oven and wait for sweet aromas to fill Sara’s kitchen. Sara is giving bonus points for those who finish their cake early.




Cooking Class

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