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Who doesn’t want to attend a culinary school with Sara? Learn to bake like an expert with Sara’s cooking class as she prepares us for another great baking workshop. She will be sharing all her secrets needed to make delicious macaroons that would make any master chef envious. Use your mouse to locate and retrieve all the elements needed that the chef has provided. This game has multiple levels to teach us to make these cookies in more than one flavor. Learn to make Fresh Macaroons, Strawberry Macaroons, Chocolate Macaroons, and Coconut Macaroons with complete instructions provided for each cookie. Sara is giving all of her students the recipe for each treat as we play this fun game that is easy to follow. The complete illustrations for each step are provided in the left corner of the Sara cooking game. Before long we will be making these sweets for our families in our own kitchen!




Cooking Class

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